FortiCarrier Troubleshooting

Troubleshooting This section offers troubleshooting options for Carrier-related issues. This section includes: FortiOS Carrier diagnose commands Applying IPS signatures to IP packets within GTP-U tunnels GTP packets are not moving along your network FortiOS Carrier diagnose commands This section includes diagnose commands specific to FortiOS Carrier features such as GTP. GTP related diagnose commands This […]

FortiCarrier – Configuring GTP

Configuring GTP on FortiOS Carrier Configuring GTP support on FortiOS Carrier involves configuring a number of areas of features. Some features require longer explanations, and have their own chapters. The other features are addressed here. GTP support on the Carrier-enabled FortiGate unit Configuring General Settings on the Carrier-enabled FortiGate unit Configuring Encapsulated Filtering in FortiOS […]

FortiCarrier MMS Security Features

MMS Security features FortiOS Carrier includes all the Security features of FortiOS with extra features specific to MMS carrier networks. This section includes: Why scan MMS messages for viruses and malware? MMS virus scanning Sender notifications and logging MMS content-based Antispam protection MMS DLP archiving Why scan MMS messages for viruses and malware? The requirement […]

FortiCarrier Web Based Manager Settings

Carrier web-based manager settings The Carrier menu provides settings for configuring FortiOS Carrier features within the Security Profiles menu. These features include MMS and GTP profiles. In Security Profiles > Carrier, you can configure profiles and settings for MMS and GTP. In the Carrier menu, you can configure an MMS profile and then apply it […]

FortiCarrier Introduction

Introduction FortiOS Carrier provides all the features found on FortiGate units plus added features specific to carrier networks. These features are explained in this document and include dynamic profiles and groups, Multimedia messaging service (MMS) protection, and GPRS Tunneling Protocol (GTP) protection. This chapter contains the following sections: Before you begin l How this guide […]