Site to Site VPN Performance issues

Question: Was asked this a while back and while surfing the net it jogged my memory. A user was experiencing pretty poor performance when using site to site VPN’s. This is going to show the age of the question as they were using FortiOS 5.0.5. Normally, this is because of a bug relating to NPU […]

System Requirements – FortiAnalyzer 5.2

System requirements Web browser support The FortiAnalyzer Web-based Manager supports the following web browsers: Microsoft Internet Explorer versions 10 and 11 Mozilla Firefox versions 30 and 31 Google Chrome version 36 Other web browsers may function correctly, but are not supported by Fortinet. Screen resolution Fortinet recommends setting your monitor to a screen resolution of […]

Feature Comparison between analyzer and collector mode – FortiAnalyzer 5.2

Feature comparison between analyzer and collector mode The operation mode options have been simplified to two modes, Analyzer and Collector. Standalone mode has been removed. Table 2: Feature comparison between Analyzer and Collector modes   Analyzer Mode Collector Mode Event Management Yes No Monitoring (drill-down/charts) Yes No Reporting Yes No FortiView/Log View Yes Yes Device […]

Operation Modes – FortiAnalyzer 5.2

Operation modes The FortiAnalyzer unit has two operation modes: Analyzer: The default mode that supports all FortiAnalyzer features. This mode used for aggregating logs from one or more log collectors. In this mode, the log aggregation configuration function is disabled. Collector: The mode used for saving and uploading logs. For example, instead of writing logs […]

Administrative Domains – FortiAnalyzer 5.2

Administrative domains Administrative domains (ADOMs) enable the admin administrator to constrain other FortiAnalyzer unit administrators’ access privileges to a subset of devices in the device list. For Fortinet devices with virtual domains (VDOMs), ADOMs can further restrict access to only data from a specific device’s VDOM. Enabling ADOMs alters the structure of and the available […]